Daisy The Beagle

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October 12th is National Pet Obesity Day. To help spread awareness and share ways to decrease pet obesity and keep our pets as heathy as we can we are sharing the story of Daisy. Daisy is a young beagle who has struggled with her weight for the past 3 years. With help from Hill's Veterinary Diets Daisy will begin a year long journey to a healthy weight. Follow her story on our Facebook page where we will also have tips and healthy treat ideas for your four legged friends. 

Daisy has struggled with weight most of her life. Her goal is to lose 55 pounds in a year with diet change alone. Daisy’s family can help shorten that time with the addition of exercise. Small changes such as an extra lap around the yard and working up to a trip around the block can help the weight come off. While a year seems like a long time to take off 55 pounds it is 3 years less than it took to put it on. Rapid weight loss is just as unhealthy as the extra weight itself.

Feel free to call the office if you feel your pet is overweight and we can discuss the prescription weight management diets we carry and give you some at home things to help your pet be as healthy as they can be. Check out our Facebook page to follow Daisy’s story and for things like Healthy Holiday Treats and see Hill’s website for dog and cat weight management information.